Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Tomorrow is the big day-I get a new knee!  Still kind of shaky about such a big surgery.  I have lots of allergies and it's going to be tricky balancing pain control with the reactions those meds might cause, but I have spent a lot of time discussing this with all the staff involved, so here goes nothing...

Thanks to all those who are praying for me and thinking of me.  I don't know what time it will happen yet, they will call me soon with that bit of info.

I set up my office as a kind of recoup room, since we have stairs in the house and no bathrooms on the main floor.  I have a TV, and my laptop, lots of knitting and my phone so I should survive.  I put together a box of things like napkins, salt and pepper, silverware, cream and sugar to have there-to save Stan a few steps.

I'm off to town to find a footrest and a little table to set up in there.  And to get my City Brew fix before I get cooped up.  Stan has to see the cardiologist today because he has been having some irregular heartbeat so they're fixing him up with a Holter Moniter to wear for a few days.  We're going to look like a fit pair in the hospital!

I should be able to blog a bit unless I'm really out of it, so once I'm home (approx 3 days) I'll be talking to you.  See ya later, Blogland!


  1. Send lots of positive thoughts and prayers for today.

  2. Wishing you a smooth surgery and speedy recovery !

  3. Hope your surgery went well! And just think of all the knitting you'll get done :)

    Life in Red Shoes


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