Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Sam and Grace spent Sunday night with us, Jim and Millie went on an anniversary mini-trip.  So Grandpa took Sam fishing and I took Grace to Jo-Ann's to pick out pajama flannel for Christmas since it was 60% off.

We had to stop at Starbuck's for a little refreshment.

This is what Gracie picked out.  The scotties are hers, the black & red guitars are Isaac's, the footballs are Chris's, and the race cars are for Syd, Sam and Daniel.  Now take a look at the racecar flannel, and then look at the blankets below:

It's hard to see, but the bottom left blanket, Sam's, is the same racecar print!  That little boy is going to be so happy!

After a day of ice fishing, Sam dug into the little cooler Grandpa had filled with his food.  He ate just about everything in the cooler, then fell asleep with his hand in the cooler!
It was a good day, Mom and Dad had a great stay in Chico Hot Springs, and came home refreshed.  I had a little relapse of the flu and spent the rest of the night on the couch.  This stuff is mean and keeps trying to come back.  I've had one acupuncture treatment and will have another on Thursday, so I think I will eventually get over it.  I bought a cool vapor humidifier and run it 24/7 to counteract the dry, dry air here in the mountains.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Coughing and Knitting

So now I have ANOTHER virus!  Looks like bronchitis this time, I think it probably was last time, but the trip to Mazatlan cured it quickly.  This time I really had a hard time breathing, and the rattle in my chest would wake me up.  I've been on the couch propped up sleeping since Thursday night.  I decided to opt for one of my alternative remedies, so I brewed a batch of colloidal silver and started taking it.  The congestion in my lungs has lessened quite fast, so I think I'll keep going with the therapy.  A lot of people say they end up with a sinus infection, so I'll keep on with the silver for maybe a week or two.  I haven't found anything better than silver for sinus, not even the most powerful antibiotics.  Plus you don't have to rebalance your body afterwards.  Keep'in on, I'll keep you posted on my recuperation. (I'm very impatient, I've already given 4 full days to this bug and I think that's quite enough, thankyouverymuch!)

I have been knitting.  I started this scarf for myself just for a project, something brain dead that I can do while visiting, watching TV, or just drinking coffee.

It's good old knitting worsted in a simple K2 P2 pattern, alternating every 2 rows.  It lays flat and will be nice for the dead of winter.
It's much longer now, I'm just knitting until I think it's long enough or I run out of yarn, LOL!  I'll post a picture when it's finished.  Some people love to knit when they're sick, but I can't focus so I don't get much done.