Thursday, May 13, 2010

Later, Dudes!

Won't have time to post after tonight so I'll just do a quick one. My two sisters, Stan's sis, and I are headed to Mazatlan on Sunday. I have a craft show on Saturday then I'm coming home to dump off my craft stuff and pick up one sister and various luggage. Then we're heading to Billings where we'll fly out at 6:00 AM (yuck!) Sunday.

I don't think Stan is too heartbroken about not going along. Four women would probably drive him nuts. And he'll be content to go fishing and eat all the foods I can't.

When I get back we'll turn around and take off for Reno for 5 days (bowling tournament). So I'll be gone for a couple of weeks.

Take care, friends-see ya on the flip side.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Seven Without You

Mom, this is the seventh Mother's Day I've had to celebrate without you.

My kids were awesome and cooked me a gourmet dinner last night and cleaned my kitchen afterward while I played with the grandkids. Today we got together with Stan's siblings and had a beautiful dinner with his mom.

But there's still a part missing.

Hope you're smiling down from Heaven.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm making progress on my items for the baby show. I think this is enough Mary Jane booties for now. I might make another style-the show is two weeks away-but mostly I'll concentrate on my hankie bonnets.

At first I didn't like the variegated yarn, but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me, so I had to make a second pair. I mostly have two pairs of each with the exception of the yellow ones and the brushed yarn white ones. It's really easy to sew them together wrong side out, so I ended up with one left and three right yellows, so of course I had to make two more lefts. And the brushed white yarn was driving my allergies nuts-not sure why, it's acrylic-so I bagged it after one pair.

And more news-right after I take down the baby show, I am picking up my sister and heading for Billings. There we will meet my other sis and Stan's sister, and Sunday morning we four women will fly out to Mazatlan. I know! We were just there, but Stan's sis has points to use and we all have passports so that's enough incentive to go again. We four chicas should paint the town red! Then a day after we get back Stan and I will take off for Reno so he can bowl in the national tournament. Fun, fun, fun! I'll have to sleep the whole month of June.

Stan said he'd be fine here by himself. He can eat all the foods I'm allergic to, and go fishing every day. Maybe he won't want me to come back!