Saturday, November 19, 2011

And So It Begins!

Well, winter has arrived and that nasty chore of shoveling is back.  Darn it, I can't shovel for a while.  My heart is really broken about that!  Sydney helped Grandpa shovel this morning-funny how kids think chores are fun.

He kept shoveling the snow back where Stan had already shoveled, but it was still fun to see him want to help.  The temp was 7 degrees F this morning-darn, I wish I were in Mazatlan!  Quite a contrast between these pics and my blog header!


  1. oh man, you can keep that snow. Be careful you don't slip with your knee -- that would be a disaster!

  2. Snow, eh! Of course you'd rather be in Mazatlan. Get thyself healed.


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