Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vacation Socks and Missing Stuff You Know You Packed

I did do a fair amount of knitting on vacation. It was so therapeutic to sit watching the ocean, binoculars and coffee by my side, happily ticking away at my socks.

I knitted on the plane, too. Just as a precaution I bought bamboo needles on my way out of Bozeman, but it probably wasn't necessary. I asked about it when I checked in and they said that most any knitting needle or crochet hook is allowed. I said, "I guess they think knitters are happy people that don't want to blow up airplanes!" They got a kick out of that.

I tried to show the surroundings when I took the picture of the finished socks. You can kind of see the grass and walkways on the property behind the railing.

Funny thing-I transferred the project to the bamboo needles and tucked the metal needles into one of the checked bags. They have disappeared! They must have gone where the nail clippers went. I needed a clipper, found one in my checked bag and showed it to hubby. He said he hated that one so I dropped it back into the suitcase. I knew exactly where I dropped it and which compartment, but when Hubs decided to use that one anyway I absolutely could not find it! I looked for a couple of days, finally gave up and bought one at the convenience store. That's when I found not only the hated clipper, but when I opened my knitting tool case I found three more! I guess in order to find the metal knitting needles I'll have to buy another set. No big deal the bamboo are really nice and they came in a set of five, just in case I run across a pattern that uses five.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Word or Two

Things have been pretty hectic around here since we got home. I posted some pics to Facebook, but have completely ignored my blog. Sorry!

Our trip was completely healing and relaxing. The weather couldn't have been better if we'd ordered it! Even the forecast Tsunami from the Chili earthquake didn't come, other than a bit higher than normal evening tide on Saturday.

Stan and I hung out a lot, just watching the ocean and looking for dolphins. We lucked out our last full day there with the dolphins-they were in the water in front of our resort all day. I got a little video, but they don't like to pose for still pictures. The video isn't very good, since I couldn't see the image in the LCD screen in the bright sunlight and only figured out how to convert to the viewfinder afterwords!

The cruise ships aren't the only ones who make towel animals:

Random sailboat picture:

Brown eggs from the supermarket:

For breakfast scrambled eggs with chorizo and mangoes on the balcony:

Our building:

Spent a lot of time right here:

More tomorrow. (I hope)