Saturday, October 30, 2010

Update on Gramma

Her pain is almost gone-no more muscle spasms. But she is still pretty congested-pneumonia they say. She is really confused-not sure where she really is-wonders why her bed is in the living room, and are we coming to her house for coffee after church. Amazing how her lucidity was so tied in to her routine, and now that routine has been disrupted so she can't think clearly.

I wonder about this-she said her brother Henry came to see her yesterday and even pointed to where he stood. Henry has been gone for 8 years. Did she dream it or are they gathering an escort party? I have a friend who went septic and almost died. She could see people standing around her bed like they were waiting for her. Then her late dad's voice said, "Kid, it isn't your time," and all the people vanished. That was the moment the antibiotic kicked in and her vitals stabilized.

I believe there is a thin wall between this world and the next, and sometimes we are given a tiny glimpse into that next world.

My bloggy friend, Laurie at Crazy Aunt Purl is going through some of the same emotions and experiences with her grandmother who was moved to a nursing home this week. She talks about mourning in advance. I now know what she means. When I lost my own mom, it was quick, and there was really no time for goodbyes. With Gram I feel my mind is working on accepting the new reality, the one without her. I can say "I love you" one more time, I can kiss her once more and squeeze her hand. There is never enough time for goodbyes, but at least I have a fighting chance this time.

When Stan's uncle passed away at the age of 99 1/2, we visited him one last time. I was the last one to leave his room and as I turned to go, he said my name. I came close to him and he whispered, "Thank you." Not for anything specific, I believe, but just a sweet goodbye. As I got into the car I had the overwhelming feeling he would be going home soon. I imagined him saying to my mom, "I saw Marty just before I left. She's doing fine and sends her love."

Lots to think about, lots to work through. I do know that I am privileged to be around someone who will get to see the Glory soon, very soon. I hope her changeover is easy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We got Grandma settled into the rehab center. She doesn't have much pain, so that's good. I don't like the sound of her breathing but hopefully they're watching that. Sooner or later she'll be mad at us for putting her there, even though she HAD to go there. It's OK, we know we did the best thing.

I rode in the van with her from the hospital to the center. It was kind of a weird ride. I kept thinking that this was the last ride for her-the end of the line, I guess. We rode by the old hospital where my kids were born as well as some of hers, we rode by the building where she and Pappy used to have a sewing machine store, then we rode by the church we still attend and is right across from the home. And the last kicker was when they took us to her new room-number 232-the very room where Pappy was when they first put him in the rest home.

Really was a weird ride. Hope she is happy there these last months of her life. Okay, Marty, don't cry!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update on Gramma

We met with the doctor today. He told us she won't be with us much longer, her lung cancer is much bigger and her back is full of fractures from osteoporosis. She is still in much pain. We are meeting with Hospice tomorrow to set up her care, and later this week she will be moved to a nursing home.

Sad to see a tough, strong-willed lady go out this way. Why can't we all be changed in the twinkling of an eye? Oh yeah, that's just when Jesus comes back.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prayers for Gramma

My mother-in-law Liz fell last night. I got a call from the Lifeline people and met the ambulance at her apartment. I am so happy she had presence of mind enough to press the button, even if she waited two hours because she is so independent she thought she could get rid of the pain herself.

After an all-nighter in ER, it was determined that she has a compression fracture in a vertebrae in her upper back. We were told this is an extremely painful injury, but one that heals well. She is at the hospital tonight and will be there for a bit until the pain is more under control.

Due to memory and dizziness problems we've been looking for just the right assisted living facility. My SIL thinks she's found one. It now becomes way more urgent to get her moved. She'll be in a walker for a while, and will probably have to use a cane for balance from now on-quite a period of adjustment for such a tough lady.

Pray with me that her injury heals quickly and she can return to her normal feisty self!
Old age ain't no place for sissies.
~Bette Davis~

Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy Saturday and My First Blogger Video

What a day! Hubs, son, and Syd all took off at 8:00 for the lake, where they happily spent the day catching "Really big fish, Gramma!"

I took off for Sam's flag football game at 10:00.

And before his game was over, I headed to the high school to watch Chris play football against Livingston. The Panthers won 34-6!

After the game, Gracie and I headed to Bozeman for lunch at the Co-op and a few errands. The kids just love to eat on their balcony-so pleasant! (So do I!)

And since Gracie had been begging to come to my house for forever, we headed home, where she proceeded to rake my leaves, with Chloe supervising. I pitched in when it became obvious that this pile was for jumping.

And here is where the fun started. The fishermen came home, and Gracie's mom and brother showed up-the leaf pile didn't stand a chance!

Good times-the kids will carry that memory all their lives.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I got everything I had cut out done for the dolly.

A nice warm coat complete with hood. It's lined and I learned the hard way that I should have hemmed the sleeves before sewing the side seams. Got to be kind of a pain given the tiny openings

A dress to match-this is what I lined the coat with too. Both the dress and the nightie are open in the back and close with snaps-easy for a 6-year-old. Sorry for the bedhead-the poor thing has been in Gramma Liz's closet for about 40 years. Might have to hire a dolly hairdresser.

The nightie is made of the same flannel that I used to make pajamas for Gracie. I thought she would appreciate the thought, but I did have to put a seam in the front to make it work-almost didn't have enough fabric. It's OK-it's just for sleeping, after all!

Petticoat and undies-I tried to snap the panties too, but the clever little doll wouldn't let Blogland see her undies. She looks kind of bored with the process anyway.

This dress is one that Gramma Pat started before she died. It's really supposed to fit one of those 20" bed dolls, but I adapted it. She had crocheted around the neck and sleeves, so I added the ruffle at the bottom:

I made some button loops and sewed buttons on the back-about 1" in from the edge so it would fit snugly. She got a ribbon around the waist, too.

I'll try to find shoes and socks, but even if I can't, this will still be a really meaningful Christmas gift for a little girl from several people that love her.

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