Monday, November 14, 2011


Today I should get my staples out.  I'm very happy-they itch like mad, and I think my "bending therapy" will go better without those dern things pulling.  I had to cancel my PT session with Jason this afternoon because I almost had an overlap.  My appointment with Jason at Bridger Orthopedics is at 1:30 in Bozeman and my appointment with Jason at Excel PT was at 3:00 in Manhattan (30 minutes away).  Didn't sound like I could make the PT so I cancelled.  I still have my machines at home.  I kind of have an abundance of Jasons!  I have some pain in the back of my leg I want Jason (Bridger) to look at, just to make sure it's not a blood clot.  I have 9 blood thinner pills left and if all goes well I will graduate to aspirin.  I decided that, given my age, I would stay on baby aspirin for the rest of my life.  Just a little insurance.  I am able to lift my leg up onto my hassock now, so that's progress!

I have been knitting some.  I am making a toddler's sweater-not sure for what purpose, but it was just a really cute and easy pattern.  I knit a few rows, Facebook a bit, nap a bit, then walk around the house working on my gait-who knew I'd have to learn to walk all over again!  Most of my big blocks of time are spent on my passive motion machine-I'm supposed to do 6 hours a day!  Not there yet, but I'll get there.  The physical therapist said a lot of people get in it at night, turn it on and sleep.  When Millie told Jason she wanted to go back to work after 4 weeks he told her she wouldn't have time-she needs that time to get her new knee in shape.  I will be going back to the church next week, but I only have to work for 5-10 hours a week so I shouldn't stiffen with that much.  Only thing is Stan will have to drive me in, so I probably will work from home for part of it.

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  1. 5-6 hours a day? Well, can you do that and knit at the same time? Could be very productive!


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