Friday, June 13, 2014

A Bee in my Bonnet

I absolutely love rag rugs and would have a ton in the house if I had more time to make them. My bathroom rugs had died and I seized the chance to replace them with rugs made from sheets. How much more durable can you get? Big problem, Stan's tender feet objected to them. He's had foot surgery and they are very sensitive.

So I moved the rugs to other parts of the house and bought some memory foam rugs. Very soft, but they wear out quick and the first time you wash them the no-slip is gone. What to do?

I was messing around in my sewing room and I spied all the polar fleece in my stash. "Hmmm," said I, "Polar fleece is soft." So off I went.

We'll see, it's quite thick, but pretty soft. I have a no-skid spray I'll put on the back. Might have to reapply after washing, but that's not so bad. I have enough strips cut for an oblong one too, but I'm taking a small break, the fiber particles are pretty thick so I'll likely be working on it outside. If they don't work I'll give them to my son Steve for a house warming gift for his new apartment.

Monday, June 2, 2014


The dogs and I are sitting on the porch, knitting and enjoying this lovely spring day.

I suspect the dogs are more interested in scouting out something to bark at. Well I just heard thunder, the storm they promised is moving in. Time to go put supper on the table.