Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Well, the pain was not a blood clot but severe sciatica.  The PA said, "If you saw how we treat your leg you'd know why your sciatic nerve is so irritated!"  And the tourniquet they have to use to keep me from bleeding to death also irritates the nerve.  A nurse friend on Facebook said that is the most brutal surgery one could ever have!  Nice to know now-no wonder I was reluctant!  The pain in my knee is subsiding, slowly day by day, now if I can keep that nerve quiet I'll really feel better.  I've been walking around the house a lot, and making my own coffee in the morning.  I'd love to go somewhere but that doggone nerve makes it really painful to ride in a car.  I'll have to get creative about that!  Since  it hasn't snowed yet I'm going to try walking on the street again-just with the cane.  Whenever I used the walker I ran into little pebbles on the pavement and came to a grinding halt.  My shoulders get so tired I come in early.  But my gait is more surefooted every day, so I think I'll try it without.

I forgot to tell you the results of Stan's Holter monitor.  They found a bit of irregularity, but don't think it's anything life threatening and the meds he's already on are enough to keep it under control.  In fact the doctor said the meds probably masked the irregularity for a long time.  Good thing-I'm in no shape to take care of him!  I don't think he's as vigorous as he used to be-he went hunting Saturday and came home early-too exhausted to stay out longer.  Plus his knees were complaining about walking the hills.  He might be next for a knee replacement or two!


  1. Yes the shoulders get very sore from the walker and the cane. My right knee kept hurting and still does, they used it to twist my hip apart....fix one thing but damage another;(

    Glad Stan is okay, one less thing to deal with.

  2. Pretty brutal, what those healers do to us!

  3. Oh, sciatica pain is brutal. Do you have an acupuncturist you could see? I had such a bad case I couldn't walk and after 3 treatments I was 100% better. Acupuncture doesn't fix everything,but it has a pretty good track record with sciatic nerve pain!

  4. I thought of acupuncture-I do have an appointment with the PT today, maybe he knows a good one.


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