Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still Here...........

I've been MIA for a bit-other bloggers are starting to wonder what happened to me.  A nice feeling, knowing that I'm missed.  Mostly it's just been work, work, work.  And a good amount of time going to tee ball games.  Gracie plays on the rookies, Sam and Syd play tee ball, on different teams.  In the same town, thank goodness!  Sometimes Stan goes to one game and I go to the other one.  Then after our kid has batted twice, we hop in our cars and switch fields.  Fortunately the fields aren't that far apart-two are three blocks away and the other one is about ten away from the first two.

I've been knitting a bit, sewing a bit, cooking some, and not getting any gardening done.  This week was supposed to be the first week in my new hours classification (20-30 hours) but I ended up working today which brings me to 5 days this week.  That's still better than two weeks ago when I worked six days!  I'm getting too old for that. 

They hired a bunch of flex people who are supposed to go in and pick up all the extra hours.  We'll see if I can keep my hours down now.  I need work clothes but I'm working too much to make them.  I can't find anything at the store that fits my bottom-heavy body to my satisfaction so I really need to sew.  I also have a couple of orders to finish-one alteration and a table runner to sew and quilt.

Here are a couple of pictures of my little athletes:

 Three cute, enthusiastic future baseball greats.  Or at least they hope so!

They had opening ceremonies where they introduced all the teams, had a real person sing the National Anthem, and someone threw out the first pitch.  My guys are in there somewhere!

And Sydney lost a tooth today!