Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Must Be Healing

I must be healing because, boy am I stircrazy!  I really want to get out and do something, but Stan is hunting, all my kids are working, and I am not cleared to drive yet.  I would just love to pop into town, do a bit of shopping and stop at my favorite coffee spot.

I've been doing a lot of things, fix my own meals, etc., but no housework.  I have heard of people that drive at two weeks but I wouldn't feel safe-my "brake muscles" aren't working right yet.  I need to be patient, it will come, but right now I'm really antsy.  It's a good sign, like I said, so healing is on its way.


  1. DO NOT and I repeat as your friend and as a retired nurse, DO NOT DRIVE until cleared by your Dr. I don't care how stir crazy you are!!

  2. I promise I won't drive-I know I'm not ready. But I'd better work those "brake muscles" so I am ready when I'm released.

    I did walk all the way to the corner with my cane today-felt so good! Went out for supper and ran into a lady who used to be a physical therapist. She was amazed that at 2 weeks I wasn't using a walker anymore! Kind of nice-puts things into perspective.

  3. This period will be followed by the "healed just enough to do routine life but too exhausted and sore to manage anything extra" -- it will be the stage where you wish you had the time you have on your hands right now. LOL.


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