Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Kitchen Chairs

For a long time now, I've been totally frustrated with the chair pads that are supposed to fit the farmhouse style chairs. Mainly they DON'T fit! So after much thinking and working through stuff in my head I finally came up with the solution.

This is the old cushion. Notice how it doesn't fit at all and half the pad hangs off the chair. Also, even with the ties, it moves-like all over. I put the no-skid rug liners under them which helped, but they still moved a lot. The ties would tear right out of the pad.

What to use for the cushion? Foam is expensive, and it compresses after a while and you don't have that comfort you need in a wooden chair. I was strolling through Jo-Ann's one day with a coupon in my hot little hand when I came across this stuff. It's compressed, bonded polyester batting, 2 inches thick, and it looks to me like it isn't going anywhere very soon.

Now to the travel problem. I decided that I wasn't going to put ties on, instead I went with the rug lining stuff, but I used another coupon and got the good stuff. I found out there is a right and wrong side to this stuff so I was sure to have the stickiest side to the outside.

I used fabric from my stash and knew I didn't have enough to do both top and bottom, so I lined the no-skid with a yucky looking flesh colored fabric I knew wouldn't show. I made them about 16" before ruffle. I wanted a wider ruffle, but that was not possible with the amount of fabric I had. I think it looks fine.

And the finished product! I think it looks smashing if I do say so myself. They're just as comfortable, maybe more so, since you don't have to constantly shift the pad. moving-none, nada, not one bit. Hooray!

One small confession-I only have three finished. The other five are cut out and ready for assembly. I hope my ADD doesn't kick in until I get them all done.

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