Monday, August 24, 2009

I Was Blogged About Today!

Saturday I went to a book signing for the book, Crochet Adorned, written by Linda Permann. I showed her a variation of one of her patterns that I had made, and bought her book.

What a nice gal! She is so natural and chatty it was like meeting an old friend. She even recognized Sydney from my blogs, which means she has been reading them, so cool! Her stuff is super cute, too, and the book is full of interesting and helpful instructions.

I'm now all fired up to crochet flowers and trims-I actually have small amounts of fancy yarns that I've picked up at various sales, so they should really work up cute in one of Linda's patterns. Check me out on her blog, I'm definitely not the prettiest one in the picture but Sydney is really cute.


  1. I saw you and Sydney in town again today (but I was across the street, inside the store, and may have looked crazy if I ran out calling your names).:) Thanks for coming to the book signing and buying a book-- I hope you make some fun stuff!

  2. How fun Marty! I want to try to crochet some little flowers. Her shirts with the flowers are so pretty and so are you!


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