Thursday, August 6, 2009

Freaky Summer Storm

I was having coffee with a friend at my favorite place when Hubby called. He asked what the weather was like in Bozeman. I described it, calm and cloudy, and he told me that he was witnessing the biggest hailstorm Manhattan has ever seen. Golf-ball size stones that shredded our garden and drove apples and leaves to the ground.

The ice loving dog-she must have thought it was manna from heaven.

Good size hailstones.

I don't think the storm ever hit Bozeman, even though it was heading that way. I did hear from Jenn and she said Livingston got hit as hard as we did, and they also had a huge power outage.

An update-the insurance rep came right out (Safeco-nice, huh?) and told us that our roof was trashed, so right then and there he cut us a check to replace it. We will get a bid when our roof guy gets back from camping. That really was some kind of storm!

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