Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day

I went to Grace and Syd's school this morning to witness their first day of school. What a hoot! I was working when Chris and Isaac had their first day and Danny was 180 miles away, so these are the first grandkids I got to see on their first day. Wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Two very cute kindergartners. They're not in the same class but their classrooms are right next to each other. Everybody is going to think they're twins.

Sydney barely had time to let me take this picture-he was too busy on the playground. When the bell rang, he grabbed his backpack and lined up, totally ignoring us. Mom and Dad-who are they?

Miss Grace had a minor meltdown, but her awesome teacher, who she had already met, immediately took her under her wing and reassured her. I see a great relationship growing here.

I had to be there, after all, I was there when they were born. First Gracie, such a sick, tiny baby.

Then Sydney, six weeks later-small but healthy.

Where did the time go? All those days of diapers, bottles, croup, colic-now they're "grown up!" Now just don't blink or they'll be grown and going off to college. I know-it happened to me with my three boys!

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