Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some More Spring

The robins are a hoot. This one was sitting in our aspen tree singing his lungs out. I think he's looking for a girlfriend.

Yesterday he was cleaning out our rain gutter. Every now and then I would see showers of leaves and debris raining down on our deck. We figure that he was moving the leaves to find bugs. Stan got the ladder out and looked to make sure a nest wasn't being built. That led to his getting the hose and sprayer and cleaning out the gutter. THAT led to him shivering in the house soaking wet because the wind kept blowing the spray right back on him!


  1. Well my gutters are toast! They are in such need of repair....the robins here have made them there home, it's kind of nice to be serenaded all the time...but my Hubby isn't as pleased!

  2. Hubby didn't think they would make a nest there-I goaded him into checking. Ha ha, I'm right!

    Sorry, that comes from living with a retired man.


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