Friday, April 24, 2009

No Cottonpickin' Way!!

This is what we woke up to this morning:

And of course, I've been refinishing my bathroom cabinets and all the doors are spread out on sawhorses in my stall in the garage. I'm hoping I can let the sun soften some of the ice on my car before I have to go anywhere.

Yes, that's really the temperature:

Springtime in the Rockies, gotta love it!

In other news, two of my grandkids registered for kindergarten yesterday. My babies! Weren't they just born? Their moms and I are pretty close to tears. One DIL said some of the moms at registration WERE crying! I'll probably wait for the first day of school to do that. A neat thing-they might be in the same class, since they both live in the same neighborhood. They have all-day kindergarten every other day, so it will depend on whether Sydney gets the Monday and Wednesday like Gracie or the Tuesday and Thursday class.

They look enough alike that they'll probably go through school mistaken for twins. Then add Sam who'll start next year (oh my) and people will really be confused. They've already been mistaken for triplets.

Well, back to varnishing. One more coat on the doors and a 24 hour wait and I can have my garage back.


  1. Hi Marty,
    Just got your post on my blog! Thanks! Love your Mazatlan pics. And hey, what is with the snow this year? We had it too out here in Seattle like NO other year! Crazy!

  2. Oh Marty!!! I'm so sorry!!! I hope it melted right away, I really do. I don't htink I could stand it at this point if I woke up to that much snow. Really. Ugh...

  3. You must be writing from the east side of the mountains! We are on the west side of the mountains. Cold, but not THAT cold. Oh, Montana! I linked to you on the Mackville Road blog. I saw Montana and had to take a peek!


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