Friday, April 10, 2009

From the Past

My mom was a fabulous crocheter. She dearly loved to make stuffed things-bunnies, dinosaurs, dogs, etc. About 20 years ago, when the rage was Cabbage Patch and crafters could buy Doll-Baby heads and make their own dolls, Mom bought a ton of tiny heads and crocheted dozens of these bunnies. She had apparently given two to my mother-in-law. The other day Mother brought me the bunnies and requested that I give them to Gracie. Of course I will, but I wish I could find the pattern and heads to make enough for all the grandkids. I might be able to find the pattern, I have most of Mom's but I'm sure they don't manufacture the heads anymore.

Mom would be pleased to know that Gracie had them. Happy Easter, Mom!


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