Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Trip

Stan's sis has some timeshare points to use up, so she asked us if we'd like to accompany her to Mazatlan in May. Of course! Mazatlan is one of my top five favorite places on this earth. We'll be staying for seven nights at a beautiful condo and probably wear ourselves out running around the city.

There are beautiful beaches:

Fantastic fiestas:

Plenty of palm trees:

And bananas grow right next to our balcony:

Add to that wonderful people, fabulous food, thrilling bus and taxi rides, and the best shrimp I have ever tasted and it becomes the nicest place on earth. Oh and did I mention inexpensive?

Can't wait-we leave on May 21.


  1. do you have room in your suitcase for me? Maybe I will just run away and hide in Mexico and all my stress will be gone!

  2. Sounds so WARM...I bet there isn't snow there!!!! :)

  3. now with all of this swine flu talk going around, maybe I won't hitch a ride in your suitcase. Although if I did have to catch some horrible disease, what a place to do it!


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