Saturday, April 4, 2009

He's 40 Today

Today is my firstborn's birthday. He came into the world screaming, much to the surprise of the doctor. I had been admitted to the hospital four days before with a crushing pain in my chest which turned out to be Toxemia. I went into eclampsia and the Dr. was sure that we had lost the baby, so instead of doing a Ceasarian he just induced. He didn't factor in the power of prayer!

A cousin said he looked like a baby bird right out of the egg-no feathers!

Jim weighed in at 3 pounds 2 ounces and was healthy as a horse. He had no problems breathing or eating. In those days we counted months not weeks, but in today's terms he was a 35-weeker.

We didn't have an NICU in Montana, just Isolettes. They still didn't understand completely how to care for preemies and they lost some. Many survived even without the doodads and intervention methods they have now. The biggest thing back then was Hyaline Membrane Disease, which is totally preventable now if the baby's lungs are sprayed with a surfactant. Jim was far enough along not to have Hyaline as an issue.

In about two weeks time, there were six preemies born at Bozeman Deaconess-two singles and two sets of twins. The singles survived, but one of each of the twins didn't. They ran out of Isolettes so Jim got demoted to a crib a week or two early. I remember going in to see Jim and they had oxygen tents set up in the nursery. (Young people, ask your parents what an oxygen tent is!) He did fine, though, and probably could have come home sooner, but in 1969 preemies had to weigh 5 pounds before they could go home.

He was a happy baby-cute as a button!

40 years later, he's a dad to four kids, married to a super lady, has a great job, and would rather fish than anything. He was always a good kid, smart as a whip (actually because of a little dislexia they tested him and he scored at "genius" level). I'm just thrilled that we have had the privilege of knowing Jim and watching him grow up.

Happy birthday, son! Mom and Dad love you!

Second or third grade.

Last Halloween-Larry the Cable Guy!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you son!! That could be a picture of my son when he was born. He was 2 lbs 11 oz. He's now 16. We both had miracle babies!! Thanks for sharing your story Marty!


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