Friday, February 13, 2009

Stranded! (And I don't mean a style of knitting!)

The part for my car won't be in until sometime today. If it gets here early enough, the mechanic will put it in right away. If it doesn't get here until late in the day, he will pop it in tomorrow. It all depends on UPS and how soon they can get to his shop. Working on Saturday? I think I got a gem of a mechanic! The big problem is that the shop is 20 miles west of here on a rural road. I told DH he could go fishing, so there went our only vehicle. The long trip is worth it considering the gem I stumbled across.

I have several people who can take me out if it does get done today. My friend Janis is willing, and my son or DIL can do it, too. Probably should call on the son-he probably owes Mom for giving him life and a roof over his head, etc. (At this point he'd just roll his eyes, laugh, and say "sure, Mom, whatever!")

Anyway, it forces me to stay close to home to finish some sewing. The jacket is all but done-some handwork and hemming is about all. I should have pictures soon. If I get cabin fever I can walk uptown, it's only about 8 blocks and I should be doing it all the time and leaving my car in the garage. It's supposed to be in the 30s today so it should be a pleasant walk.

The problem with my car was that the exhaust was plugged. Tight, I guess. Man!! I wonder if that's why I started having headaches! Scary!

Sydney, my 4-year-old (five in June, Grandma) grandson is coming to stay for the weekend. His mom is bowling in a tournament in Missoula so they're making it a Valentine weekend away. They really owe me a trip to the mechanic! I am looking forward to having Syd here. After all I have the six cutest and nicest (or handsomest, sorry Chris and Isaac) grandkids in existence. It's always fun when they're here. I've been trying to get Sam, the three-year-old, here for an overnight for a couple of weeks, but things aren't working out very well.

This weekend Sam's family will be in Billings. Every year at this time they take time out to celebrate Chris and Isaac's adoptions. Both adoptions were final at about the same time of year so they just make it one big trip. The two younger ones are biological-I'll tell their stories sometime, too. Miracles!

I have a bride coming Sunday night with a wedding dress to be altered, so maybe I can snag some pictures for you. Told her I had to have it this week-the wedding is the end of March, but since I'll be gone until March 9, I thought it would save her anxiety if I got it done now.

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