Friday, February 27, 2009

See Ya Later

We leave tomorrow for warmer weather. We'll fly to New Orleans and hop on the Carnival Fantasy for a week of sun and fun. I'm pumped! Cruising has never been on my "bucket list," but if someone suggests a trip, I'm game to go. I have a feeling I'll be hooked.

I don't have all those fancy gadgets like a blackberry and I'm not taking my laptop, so I won't be posting during that time. I do hope to have tons of pictures.

See you in 11 days!


  1. Ohooooo, your trip sounds so inviting! Be safe and have the greatest time.

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful time. We meanwhile are shoveling snow..ugh. Arlene

  3. Arlene, we came back in a blizzard. Our tiny turboprop plane even skidded on the Billings runway. It's minus 7 as I write this. I wanna leave!!!!


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