Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Less than a month and this is where we'll be:

We can hardly wait!! So much sewing, so little time!

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  1. Hi Marty - It's Bee from the UK, you commented on my Westie in the snow last night. Well Harley sends Chloe a big slobbery lick and says Hi. He is rather large for a westie, about 50% bigger than he should be guess it was all that good growing food we gave him as a pup. Think he may have stolen some of Chloe's brains because he is too clever, it's that or we may not be too bright. He is a lovely dog and of course we are his servants. I am going to follow your blog and hopefully we can stay in touch - thanks again to OWOH for all the friendships it has made.

    Where are you cruising to?? Have a fantastic time and I look forward to reading about it all when you get back.

    Take care and keep well, Bee.


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