Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Closet Monsters

A few weeks ago we noticed some condensation on an outside wall of our front closet. What had happened was that there was a small section of the wall, the part that overhangs the basement, had not been insulated when the house was built. It got so damp, black mold built up on the sheetrock.

We ripped everything out and got rid of the mold. Then we used that spray foam insulation to fill in the roughly two foot square that had been neglected. In order to do this DH had to drill four holes. It turns out this boxlike section of the closet was divided into two compartments, so he had to have one hole in each to spray the insulation and one to see what he was doing. The second compartment he got a little generous, and over the next 24 hours these monsters grew:

They look like patrons at the Star Wars Cantina. I think I have to paint them and give them faces and identities. We've already named them. The big one is Sully and the little one is Mike, after the closet monsters in Monsters, Inc.


  1. OMG...But such fun how your are keeping them, like pets, and naming them after the creatures in Monters Inc! Thanks so much for visiting me--great to meet you and find your fun place here! :o)

  2. I almost died laughing! That is so funny!


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