Monday, July 30, 2012


Millie had another heart cath procedure in Salt Lake City today, so we've  had the two youngest since yesterday.  Chris is in Wyoming and Isaac has a new job at Pizza Hut so it's just the two little ones.

Stan took Sam fishing today, along with his friend Anders.

They had a really good time, Grandpa even let Sam "drive" the boat for a while.

The catch of the day-five walleye and a trout.  We had trout and walleye for supper tonight-yum!
Gracie and I went to town to get some sewing supplies.  We were just starting lunch when I realized I had left my phone at home.  Since I didn't want to miss Jim's call about Millie, we cut our time in town short and came home.  It gave us some time for some sewing.  I gave Grace a sewing lesson, and she watched while I made her a new dress:

A nice summer frock, cool and airy!
Millie is doing great-she was even alert enough to call the kids tonight.  They think they hit most of the damaged spots this time.

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  1. So glad Millie is doing well. She has been through so much. You are such great grandparents. Sam looks so proud of all the fish they caught & Gracie in her new dress looks like a princess.


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