Friday, July 6, 2012

Progress and More Car Socks

I got my next pair of socks done-brought them into the house to do the finishing.  I call them "car socks" because I keep a zipper bag with a sock project in my car to work on during trips to town and road trips.

I just love the self-striping yarns.  The secret to getting both socks the same is to make both your slipknots at the same time-be sure you match the dye pattern.  You might have to pull some yarn out of one skein until they're both at the same place.  Then I tuck one slipknot inside the skein and start the other one.
And my log cabin blanket is coming along, too.  I only knit on it in the early morning-it's been too hot to be covered up while working on it during the hot part of the day.

Chloe approves!
I'm running out of scrap yarn balls that are big enough to do a whole side, so now I'm digging in my stash for full skeins.  Gotta keep plugging.

I designed a sock pattern for toddlers, too, I really need to write it up and put it on here.  I'll probably put some of the socks in my Etsy store.

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