Monday, July 16, 2012

They're in Trouble Now!

The dogs love to race through the house barking, sigh....  Most of the time it isn't a problem, but once in a while Merlin will clip one of my potted jade plants and scatter dirt and plant matter everywhere.  I'm actually surprised the plants have survived.  I've had them for years-I bought a tiny potted jade from the Girl Scouts at a craft fair.  It was in a little paper cup.  It grew through a few pots, and when a dog broke a branch off, I potted IT and it's almost as big as the original.

Merlin (of course it was Merlin) really ran through there like a tornado!  Ignore the nose marks on the flap-for some reason the dogs won't clean it off no matter how many times I ask!

He hit so hard it threw dirt into the middle of the door!
Anyway, Mom yelled and they cowered.  Then I vacuumed.  I've vacuumed the living room three times in a week and the dirt cup is full every time!  Today, finally, it was only half full.  My carpet salesman friend said that it happened to him and it took a while after he got the new vacuum to catch up with the dirt.  Oh, and you know those fancy expensive vacuums that that British guy invented?  Carpet people say not to buy those-they actually have too much suction and will fray the carpet.  Who knew?  (Mine isn't the expensive one.)

On another note, I jumped on my blog to write a new post but noticed one of my friends on my blog list had a different sounding post, so I read that first.  My prayers go out to Lisa-her husband had an unexpected health issue right after he arrived at a trade fair.  Thank the Lord for modern medical procedures!  Stan had a similar event five years ago, and was able to have a stent.  He's healthy as a horse now, and got that way with a far less invasive procedure than a bypass would have been.

I was going to be a lot farther along on sewing by now but here it is 10:00 and I haven't started.  I want to sew a while then hit JoAnn's.  That plan got changed Saturday, so I'll try again today.  Stan is fishing again-yay-so I can do MY plans instead of his.  Ladies, don't let your hubbies retire!

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