Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I spent the better part of three days working on a new blouse.  I spent an hour on the neckband, doing hand stitching.  I measure and measure and measure, because I know how hard to fit I am.  I finish it-it looks great-so I tried it on.  IT DOESN'T FIT!!! 

I really like how it looks-very crisp.

The neckline I worked an hour on.
Not sure what went wrong, but it won't fit over my round bottom.  I complained on Facebook and a young lady I know said she'd take it off my hands, so I guess all is not lost.  I am in need of some tops so tomorrow will have to be another sewing day.

After my big disappointment, we went into Bozeman to Bogert Park for the band concert.  When we arrived home, we saw all kinds of emergency vehicles in the next block.  I walked down and got the story-it seems a neighbor had decided to "deep water" his trees, so he was using a 4 foot rebar to punch holes in the ground in his backyard.  Yep, he ruptured his gas line!

Everybody on that block was evacuated and our block was alerted.  The power company showed up very quickly and shut the guy's gas valve off, so everything is fine now.  It was kind of a scare and I still have a headache from the gas smell.  I could smell it inside my house.

Just another day in our "quiet" small town....

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  1. What an idiot! 4 foot rebar.....crazy. I can imagine the smell. At least you missed the worst of it.

    So sorry about the blouse....I love the material and colors. Maybe you could try a bit of bum surgery first:))


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