Wednesday, July 18, 2012

These Fit!

Did some more sewing.  I used the other sheer piece and made a peasant blouse.  It floats over my body like it should!  I did make the sleeves shorter, but I might make one with elbow length sleeves when it cools down.

I did the final elastic work on the peasant this morning, then I quickly cut out a tee before I left to do my errands.  After supper tonight, I talked myself into going down and finishing it.  I had a bout of insomnia last night and really wanted to go to bed early, but I knew that today would be my last chance to sew for a few days.

I picked this fabric up at Jo-Ann's yesterday with a half price coupon.  It's a really nice knit-kind of slippery and it rolled, but it worked up really nice.
Used my favorite tee shirt neckline finish-I think it makes it look professional.
 I also whipped up a pale pink tee, but I neglected to get pictures of it.  I'll probably save that for wearing under jackets, etc., because you know how the dirt will show on it!

The best thing-not only do I have three more tops to stretch out until laundry day, but they all fit!  Oh yeah, and the young lady-my friend from Facebook-came by and picked up the disaster blouse.  She loves it, I just have to figure out how much to charge her.


  1. Wow, you sew fast -- they are both lovely but the peasant blouse is so pretty!

  2. I need to put up a tutorial on how I to the necks on my tees. It works really slick.

  3. You've been on a production line. I like your tops and the prints that you used.

  4. Love the fabrics, most especially the first one. Very tropical.


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