Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wine, Aunt Grace, and Nail Polish

Monday when Gracie and I were in town, I picked up the cheapest red nail polish I could find.  Not for me, but for the hummingbirds.  We have two feeders-a bright red cheap plastic one and a really nice brass one that has a solar light.  But the flowers on the brass one weren't very bright:

Jim and Millie's family gave this to me for Mother's day.  Really cute but not very red.

Nice red.

It actually worked better than I expected!
 And now the hummingbirds are visiting BOTH feeders!

On a sad note, do you remember my story about Uncle George and Aunt Grace?  We got the call that Aunt Grace passed away yesterday morning.  She was a young 91-year-old, but life happens and people leave us.  We'll say our final goodby Saturday morning.

Our good friends, Wayne and Connie, came over to pick raspberries tonight, and they brought the bottle of wine they scored on their vacation to South Dakota.  I'm ashamed to say we polished that thing off in a hurry!  Very yummy-mostly rhubarb and a touch of raspberry.  A lovely cool evening on the deck with wine, snacks and good conversation.  Can't beat that.

They said the winery was right there, but they got this bottle at a gift shop.  If they'd bought it at the winery they would have had to buy a case.  Well, now we realize they should have gone with the case!

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  1. Love the name on the wine bottle, maybe 2 cases would have been better.

    So sorry about you Aunt Grace.


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