Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something Else I Hope to Do

As we play, sun and recreate in the beautiful place called Mazatlan, there is always something tugging at my heart.  The poorest of the poor.  Mazatlan has the poor just like any other place, and I have been researching the ministries of the area to see where we could possible give back to this wonderful city.  I found the Vinyard Ministries that operates in the Golden Zone-the tourist area.  Here is a video of some of what they do, and a small taste of the extreme poverty of these people.

Three times a week, the group travels out to the dump to bring food and water to the people digging through the garbage in hopes of finding something worth selling.  They also have several ministries for the children.  I am always finding bargains, and last fall I picked up a couple of bags of school supplies that I thought I would see if they need.  I just e-mailed the church and we will see where that goes.  If you are interested in finding out more about this ministry their website is here. I hope there is more I can do when I get there-a money donation for sure, but more than that, hopefully.

I wish that I could snap my fingers and everybody in the world would be happy, fed, healthy and have a chance to know Jesus, but I think He wants us to be the workers that make that dream come true!


  1. Wow, awesome ministry -- thanks for sharing. Let us know how you get involved. Maybe they could use some of your lovely knitted items.


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