Friday, February 4, 2011

What the........

Manhattan, Montana today:

 Mazatlan, Mexico, at the same time:

Just what gives?  I saw a physicist on the news yesterday who said the mild winters in the north, all the snow in the east, and the cold temps in Mexico are because of global warming.  Something about air currents meeting moisture and putting cold air where there usually isn't any and warm air where it's usually cold.  OK.

The problem for the poor people in the south is they don't have heaters, maybe not even windows or doors.  I have all that, just a cranky hot water heater that won't put out hot water when the boiler is busy heating the house.  (Our heat and hot water come from the same boiler)

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  1. I'm sure that things will warm up here before you arrive in March. Meanwhile you have heat and warm clothing and we are cold!!!! We came to Mazatlan, not Montana so no warm clothing! Hope it warms up soon!!


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