Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mexico Dreamin'

Very excited that it might get up to 30 F today, but for right now:

Hubs went ice fishing with a young man from church-hope they enjoy the day and catch lots of trout.  I'm not wild about trout, neither is Stan, but he cleans them, sticks them in the freezer, and when he has a lot, he brines and smokes them.  Then he gives them away.  Don't like them smoked, either!  I'm just waiting for Mahi Mahi and fresh shrimp.  In the meantime I'll eat a lot of good Montana beef.


  1. I just can't wait for the warm sunshine! If you ever have trout you want to get off of your hands.. let me know! We have a little girl in our house that LOVES trout... and the rest of us do too :0) Your son can do some amazing things with it!

  2. Every time we have fish, we talk about how much Gracie loves fish. I've never seen a kid like fish like she does-she could eat a whole one of those big Canyon Ferry trout all by herself!


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