Friday, February 25, 2011

Needles are Still Clicking!

I've still been knitting.  I decided I needed a really wide, long scarf to wind around my head during these nasty cold days.  We were in Walmart and I grabbed a couple of skeins of Red Heart (I know, but this one is pretty!).

I started out with this:

But I decided it wasn't wide enough so I ripped it out.  This is better:

Then I knitted, and knitted, and....well you know!  I ended up with a scarf about 68 inches long.  I have test-driven it many times this week and I think it was a good move in my part.  My other small fleece scarf just wasn't cutting it.  Now I'm starting leg warmers so when I go out and start my car after a closing shift at work my legs won't freeze.

I look a little loopy in this picture, but maybe it was my red nose.  I have yet ANOTHER cold!

All I did was cast on a bunch of stitches on #9 (US) needles in a multiple of four, and do a checkerboard pattern-K4, P4; next row P4, K4; repeat for two more rows then reverse the order.  It took about 8 ounces of knitting worsted.

Then my friend Lera sent me this pattern she had featured on her blog.  When I commented how much I loved it she e-mailed it to me-wasn't that sweet?!  I had to make one right away and I'm hooked (literally-it's crocheted).  This will go to a certain little girl, but I'm not sure if I'll give it to her now or wait til her birthday in April.  I'll be making more.

Isn't it just fetching?  Gracie will absolutely love it.  It came with instructions for ages newborn to six years so the possibilities are endless!

On a sad note, the fisherman that was lost when his truck went through the ice was found dead a couple of days ago.  My prayers are with his family.

Here's an eagle picture hubby took on his last fishing trip:

Oh, and I got sort of a promotion at work.  I will be a core associate in the Linens department.  The department manager actually approached me about the job, and after thinking about it and being reassured by her that I can get time off for my trips I took it.  I got a nice raise and my hours will be set-no Sundays and a mix of day and evenings.  I will have a 3-day weekend every other week.  Can't believe my luck-plus now I can fatten up my IRA-haven't put much in there for a while.

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  1. Congrats on the job promotion. The scarf is lovely and I LOVE the hat -- sooo cute.


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