Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scratch this one off my Bucket List

When we docked in Progresso we had a chance to take a short excursion to the Mayan ruins of Dzibilchaltun. This is something I've always wanted to do. And...I was determined to climb all the way up the Temple of the Seven Dolls....and I did! (Ignore the German tourist in the sombrero behind me!)

This temple is a fascinating tribute to the Mayans' intellect and ingenuity. The windows on both sides are constructed in such a way that at solstice, exactly at sunrise, the sun shines through the center door onto these structures a half mile away:

During Equinox the rising sun shines through the side windows onto the pillars. Smart people!

All this has just made me hungry for more exploring!


  1. Wow! I would very much like to go there someday.
    I am going to have to use the word Dzibilchaltun in Scrabble someday! :-)

  2. Wow...what an awesome trip...I love checking things off my bucket list, too! Glad you got home safely...it was an adventure for us as well!


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