Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finished Object

Gracie's sweater is done. It's a birthday present but since her birthday isn't until April 29, she'll get it in time to wear for Easter, if her mom wants her to. It depends on if she can find a dress to match. The green is much nicer than it shows here-kind of a celery green. Just happens to be my favorite color.

The button is one from my stash. I'm 20 miles from a fabric store, so I try to use what I have. What I have is hundreds of buttons, some vintage, some from Mom's stash, some from MIL's stash. I think it makes it nicer that I can use buttons that have been passed down. That said, I think I bought this one fairly recently. Oh yeah, the pattern is from Lion Brand.

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  1. That's so pretty! I can barely do granny squares!


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