Friday, March 20, 2009

More Progress

The shawl is getting there-I have 11 rows left. They're getting longer and longer, so each one takes a bit more time. It doesn't help that I had to rip a pattern row out twice! After I get it off the needles I have to decide how I'm going to finish the edges. I hate fringe, so I'll probably crochet something.

This next sewing project is a design of my own. A hint-I hated my carry-on, it wouldn't fit anywhere, under the seat or in the overhead. This will be more than just a bag, so stay tuned.

A gripe-I mentioned to a waitress at the local cafe' that I found out I had many allergies. She scoffed at the idea that allergies are anything to worry about and declared she didn't want to know if she had any. I told her she's be happy to know if something could put her into anaphalactic shock. This is the same person that said people with peanut allergies should never be allowed to fly. If she keeps it up, I will have to really chew on her. She's lucky nobody in her family has allergies. I have told her that much. Some people don't want to ever think of anyone else. She also said if someone has allergies they shouldn't ever eat in a restaurant! Grrrrrrr!

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