Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another One Off the List

Another entry in my "bucket list" is visiting New Orleans. How convenient that our cruise left from New Orleans! We spent one night before the cruise and one night after. We had a decent amount of time to take in the sights.

Of course we walked down Bourbon Street:

We wanted to eat lunch in the Acme Oyster Bar, which was featured on the Travel Channel, but the line went way around the block, so we went across the street to Felix's Fish House. My SIL got to have the oyster po-boy she'd been craving. I had some pretty good blackened shrimp. It was full of flavor but not screaming hot.

The two mornings we were there, we ate at Cafe DuMonde. They have legendary chicory cafe' au lait and beignets:

Yes, I fell off the gluten bandwagon for this, but I didn't suffer too badly, just wheezed a little. There must be a half pound of powdered sugar on these things. They were heavenly. A lady at a table behind us picked up her plate after finishing her beignets and with a spoon ate all the remaining powdered sugar. Ugggggggh! By the way, World Market carries both the chicory coffee and the beignet mix.

We visited Jackson Square, a tribute to Andrew Jackson. The St. Louis Cathedral is there-the oldest church in the United States:

Walked the Riverwalk and checked out the riverboat. We could have ridden, complete with lunch and entertainment for $30 but decided that we could save our money:
We walked around as much as we could, given my MIL being 93 and my SIL recovering from chemo. Grandma actually held out better than Irene. Stan and I could have walked for hours and hours (one of our favorite shared activities), but they couldn't do nearly as much walking. We spent quite a bit more on cabs than we would have otherwise, just so the two ladies could see the sights without pooping out too quickly. I wish we could have hired a cab to take us around the Denver airport. That place is brutal! But that's a story for another time.

One unexpected treat came when Stan and I decided to leave the ladies to people watch in the Riverwalk park and we walked a little further down the Mississippi. We found a Holocaust memorial right there on the river in Woldenberg Park. The center structure was set up so depending on where you stood, you saw a different image, each one meaning something different. Here is the website and an explanation of the different positions. A few of my pics of the memorial:

The first is, of course, the Star of David; the second a menorah; the third has six colors to represent the six million Jews that died in the Holocaust, with the seventh color representing the others that fell victim to the Third Reich and Nazi hate.

We ate at a restaurant across the street from the hotel-called Luke. Pretty good upscale German food. The ladies had gotten too tired for more French Quarter, so this was our compromise. It's a good restaurant/pub with super service.

Why didn't we eat more Cajun food? We have a place in Bozeman that's owned by a man from New Orleans that serves all of the best in Cajun food. We decided to go for fish instead, something that's kind of hard to get fresh here in Montana.

A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live somewhere that you had to rebuild your home every so many years.


  1. I so wanted to experience more of the Southern culture on our trip....but my DIL and my hubby are NOT as adventurous. Someday I will...even if I have to do it alone! :)
    Now that my son will be stationed in the South, I am hoping to squeeze in some other side trips to fulfill one of my bucket-list entries!

  2. Just like my pastor said, "As long as you can fog a mirror" there's time.


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