Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quick Update

Haven't posted much lately, I thought I'd better let you know I'm still alive.  Actually I got the flu-took me out for a few days.  The whole family has been stricken.  It's made its way through almost all of us, hope it's finished!

We are supposed to fly out on Sunday for Mazatlan, but there is a problem in the works.  Cal Jet Air has decided to suspend operation as of February 5.  This means as of now we don't have a way home, and possibly no way to get there.  The last news bit I saw said they were going to combine remaining flights.  Yikes!  I hate things being up in the air like this!  I've been in contact with them-a lot.  Hopefully they will get this resolved soon-we have separately booked flights between Denver and here that might need changed, too.  I'll keep you all posted.


  1. oh no -- hope you can get your flights sorted out soon. that's so annoying. My husband just flew in from Paris today and couldn't come sooner because air traffic control was on strike over there -- air travel is SO unpredictable these days. Hope you get to Mazatlan and if you don't get back until summer, well, that might not be so bad. LOL.

  2. Ohhhhh, please get well quickly!!!

  3. We have everything straightened out and are flying on a different airline. Maybe I'll sleep tonight!

  4. Whew....that was a most unsettling last few days. I have been on pins and needles hoping for a solution. I will now endeavor to be sure that Mazatlan is ready for arrival.


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