Monday, February 11, 2013

Gone and Back

We're home from our week in Mazatlan.  Interesting trip, but we still had fun.  We did get plane tickets from Cal Jet and they fit very nicely in with the other connections I had set up.  We were due to arrive in Mazatlan just after 11:00 on Sunday night, but we got as close as below the streetlights when our pilot pulled up and circled for a while.  He came on the loudspeaker and said that it was too foggy to land so we flew to Puerto Vallerta to fuel up,  Then we flew to Guadalajara where we were informed that we would stay the night. By this time it was 3:00 in the morning.  They provided us with hotel rooms and meals and we flew out at 2:00 the next afternoon.  Crazy way to start a vacation but sort of an adventure, too.  I was impressed with the friendliness of Guadalajara, the same as the people in Mazatlan.

The fog had finally burned off, they got new air space, and the crew got their required rest so off we went, all 60 of us.  50 minutes later, 2:00 Mazatlan time, we touched down in Mazatlan.  The whole group clapped and cheered!

We were exhausted, but we managed happy hour and supper, but were in bed by 7:30.  We did get to see the first great sunset.

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