Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Bit of Sewing

Well, the reservations are made and the plane tickets purchased.  We are leaving in two weeks for Mazatlan. With the winter we've been having I am more than ready.  We hadn't planned on leaving quite so early, but I was prowling around on the travel sites and I had about 12 windows open.  When I booked the plane tickets for Feb. 3 and the condo for March 3, I knew I was in trouble!  God bless Vacation Internationale, I called them thinking it would be much cheaper to change the room reservations.  They fixed me right up-which was funny because I didn't think there were rooms for Feb. 3.  It's okay, we'll go now and go later on, too.  We have a boatload of points to use up.

My summer clothing supply is in pretty bad shape, so I made up my mind to remedy that this week. 

Alice's shoulders aren't as square as mine, so the blouses all droop a little bit on the dress form.  I had started this tee before I knew we were going to Mazatlan so soon, so it was the first thing to get done and off my machine.

I made four new tank tops.  My old ones were misshapen and made me look even fatter than I am!

I bought 2 new pairs of Pajamas at Macy's but when I washed them they went completely out of shape.  I can wear them around home but really didn't want to wear them on a trip.  I had made the top a while back, but had never worn it because I thought it was a bit sheer.  But it goes perfectly with the cotton/Lycra fabric I dug out of my stash.  When I sit out on my balcony with my coffee in the mornings even the fishermen will be able to see me!
Paid a buck a pattern at Jo Ann's the other day.

I made this out of the coat pattern.  It's polar fleece, which is what it calls for.  I'm not sure about the sleeves, they kind of look like they hang backwards.  I was really careful how I put it together, too.  I'll wear it to church in the morning and we'll see how it hangs.  I wanted a fleece coat to take along because I'll need a coat for the trips to the airports and the breeze off the ocean can get pretty chilly.

When I was buying the fleece yesterday I ran across this yarn.  Everybody I know is making these scarves so I thought I would try my hand.  Once you get the hang of it, it goes really fast. 
Now for the lists.  I have a sitter for one dog arranged but I still have to find someone for the problem child, Merlin.  Then there are haircuts, stopping the newspaper, arranging my sub at church, etc, etc!


  1. A bit of sewing??? That looks like a lot of sewing to me. You made some wonder pieces.

  2. Marty...please check your personal email ASAP.


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