Monday, January 7, 2013

And the Girl's

Gracie's are ready to go, just need to run by and give them to her.  It might brighten her day, she is down with the croup, poor girl!

She's not the only one sick, this dumb cold has gone through the family like a locomotive.  Chris had it, that's how Gracie got it, and Stan and I have been fighting it for a while.  I got mine a bit over a week ago and am doing pretty well, just dumping the junk that builds up.  But Stan got his before Christmas and hasn't been able to shake it.  Yesterday morning, instead of going to church, he went to Urgent Care and had the doc look at his throat.  He thought it might have been strep, but the doctor said it's a sinus infection.  So, home with antibiotics, he is trying to shake off the germs.  We have gone through almost every home remedy we have-usually they work pretty well but this thing has a mind of its own!

Well, off to pay a couple of bills and do a bunch of running around.  I've been invited to a class tonight on essential oils-I've always wanted to learn more about them and I had gotten an invitation from a Facebook friend (who I've never met-she's local and is a friend of a friend) but I knew my young friend Lindsey was using the same oils so I messaged her.  As it turns out, her class is tonight and she's thrilled that I'm going.  She tried to get me to a Mary Kay meeting once, but this is way more my speed.  I'm really into natural healing and herbs and stuff.

Prowling through travel websites, so we may have a Mazatlan trip booked soon!


  1. Love the mittens.

    Essential oils are great. Ee will talk when you get to Mazatlan.


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