Thursday, March 22, 2012

CT Scan

I finally was able to call and schedule my followup CT on my lungs.  You remember they found the two spots last fall during my pre-op exam.  They told me to wait a few months then do another CT.  So I did that yesterday.

I am delighted!  The one on the right is the same size, and the one on the left has shrunken.  I have no idea if this is normal, or if it's a miracle.  I think I'll take the miracle.  The only thing I've done differently, besides having my knee chopped on, is take a supplement called Curamin, which is made from turmeric.  I just did a quick research on the Internet and even the American Cancer Society says that turmeric kills cancer cells.  Wow!  I was taking it for the leg pain, and it has helped a bunch, also with the osteoarthritis in my fingers.  And now I find out it might save my life!  I was going to drop down to one tablet rather than three, but I think I'll stay with the three.  It's kind of pricy, but if it works it's much cheaper than cancer treatments.

Today is a beautiful spring day-got up to 68 degrees F and I got good news!  You never know it might snow tomorrow, but today I am walking on air, warm air!


  1. Don't change what you are doing....a miracle or???. Something led you to that supplement>>>>


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