Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cranky Sweater

I showed you pictures of the beginnings of my brown sweater.  Well I can proudly announce it is finally finished!  Not without some hiccups, though, the pattern is a new one and there are a couple mistakes.  I was able to work through those, but when I got to the neckband, I was sure there was something not quite right.

 It just seemed to me I should have done one more eyelet repeat with another set of decreases.  I went ahead and finished the sweater and sewed it together, don't we knitters all love that part!

 I tried something a little different-I pinned the wrong sides together, putting the pins up really close to the edge.  Then I wove the seam together.  I like doing it this way much better, it was not nearly so fidgety, and I didn't lose interest before it was finished.

 But I still didn't know about that neck, and yep, I was right!  It hung way down, and barely would stay on my shoulders.

 I thought it looked terrible that way and I knew it would stay in the drawer if I didn't fix it.

 So a rippin' I did go!  I ripped out all of the neckband.

 I got it down to the last row before I started picking up the stitches with the knitting needle as I ripped.

 Did great, didn't drop any stitches!

 Oops!  Except for that one!  I added one more set of eyelets, then I did a decrease set.  Then when I started on the neckband I dropped from a #9 needle to a #8.  Made all the difference in the world!

I'm still not sure whether the pattern was written wrong or I read it wrong, but I am very glad I could fix it.  This is the yarn that belonged to my mom and I really wanted to make something nice in tribute to her. 

Now what special event can I think of to wear it to?


  1. I love the colour and the pattern. I am SO impressed that you undid and redid. Good for you, don't know that I would have. You rock!

  2. Great job on the sweater and I too have learned that it's worth ripping back and getting it right -- otherwise, you'll never wear it. Enjoy!


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