Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good Stuff

First and best-Millie sailed through her heart procedure and was released from the hospital today.  They cleaned up a bunch of scarring and said she will feel much, much better.  They will come home tomorrow.  She said it was an interesting experience, being admitted to such a large hospital, and the specialists are there to treat you, not be your friend.  She got just what she needed, though, so we're super happy with her care.

I told Sam that his parents would be home tomorrow and and he said, "But Gramma, I just got here!"  Does Gramma's heart good to hear that.  He later admitted that he misses his mommy.

We got the pew put together and on the porch.

A nice place to sit on sunny days, watching the world go by.  Nobody notices us because of the trees, so we can enjoy relative privacy right on the front porch.

I think I'll make some nice semi-weatherproof cushions so our world-watching is a bit more comfy.

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  1. Great news about Mille. Sam is so cute!

    The bench looks great under that window. You have been busy.


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