Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My hubby gave me the Spanish version of the Rosetta Stone for Christmas 2009.  What with all those people moving in and out of my house, I installed it on my laptop and set it aside for a more interrupted stretch of time.  Yeah, funny joke-there's never such a thing!

But I decided do or die-I'm gonna learn this thing.  So I started on Monday after everybody left for work, school and fishing.  Why did I wait so long?!!  What a cool way to learn a language.  I set it up on Latin American Spanish and went to work.  I think I just might learn a bit of Spanish before my next trip to Mazatlan.  Of course, the only really effective way to learn a language is to go where they speak it and beg for patience, which I hope I can do.  The people of Mazatlan are so hospitable and accommodating that they speak very good English, so I might have to ask them to practice with me.  I have two months to learn enough to actually practice with!

Well, done with the lesson for today and I just got called in to work, so I'd better brush my teeth, eat something and get going.


  1. I tried to do that with the Rosetta Stone french version before our first trip to Paris. I had a bit of a joke with my husband's colleagues as there just never seemed to be that opportunity to share my new found phrase indicating that the dog was under the airplane,or on top of the airplane etc. They laughed and shared that the English version works best if you are lucky enough to meet someone named Brian in the kitchen. Good luck with your spanish!

  2. Thanks! I have a friend at work who is from Bolivia and has taught Spanish in various schools. She has promised to practice with me as soon as I have learned enough to practice with!

  3. Isaac is trying to teach us some key phrases that he is learning in Spanish at school.. so far, I think I can find a bathroom, communicate that I don't know Spanish, ask how someone is doing... and count to 10!

    Yep, I will be pretty much lost... so best wishes to learn lots before we go... so you can "rescue" me if necessary! Going to look for a BlackBerry translation app for my phone....


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