Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now I Can Show You

Okay, now that Christmas has come and passed, I can show you the knitting that has been taking my time.  First, I decided to make wool socks for all my immediate family:

Center:  Gracie; starting at far left and going clockwise:  Sam, Laura, my sis Judy, Sydney, Millie, Isaac, Steve, Christopher, and Jim.  A good year's work.  Stan's?  Still on the needles-I am working furiously and have just turned the heel on the last sock.  They're blue and gray like Jim's.  Both Jim and Dad are conservative dressers.  I plan on tying a ribbon around Stan's and leaving them on his pillow.  Should put a note, "Last but not least!"

Then I got a bee in my bonnet to make hats for all the kids, including the great nieces and nephews.  What I made for the boys:

I made a pattern that used a double strand of yarn for warmth.  The three littlest boys got the camo; Ethan, 7, got the blue and gray; Chris got the red and black Atlanta Falcons color; and Isaac got the blue and orange Denver Broncos color.

For the girls:

Inspired by the movie, Golden Compass, I knitted these hats with a triple strand of yarn.  They should be super warm and look really cute!

The kids were on a dead run, so this was the best I could do to get them to hold still for a picture.

And for Gracie's doll, the one I made clothes for?  She loved it.

And I did finish all the pajamas, a week late, which was OK because the flu delayed our celebration.  The three young ones spent the night on New Year's Eve and HAD to wear their PJs.

The big boys wouldn't model, darn it!

A good Christmas, but I'm glad to move on to other things, like filling out my Etsy shop.  I put one of the hats in the shop, we'll see if someone else thinks it's as good an idea as I do!


  1. Wow, you have been busy! All I could manage this year was a small quilt, a few scarves, a hat, and a pair of gloves. And I started in early November!

    Love the pj's :-)

  2. The bonnets are soooo cute!
    Would you be interested in making a dog sweater? I am looking for one for my Mother-in-law's dog...she lost EVERYTHING in the fire (see my blog for the details)...we have her dog with us, and he's cold...and I can't find one here in Livingston, not sure when I can get over the hill to buy one....UGH!

  3. Such a delightful array of handknits -- wherever did you find the time! The bonnets are cute -- so are your grandkids!

  4. wow Marty you have been busy and I bet you haven't stopped now Christmas is over.
    Harley is fine - it's his birthday today, he's 5. He has developed an arthritic hip so is on daily doses on glucosomine, think he just wants to keep me company in the arthritis stakes. However most of the time it doesn't stop him at all, he can still reach the bottom of the garden in 2 seconds flat.

    All good wishes to you both for the new year.

  5. Hi Marty thanks for stopping by my little ( corner of Bloglandia!! Though I have to tell ya I nearly turned back when I caught sight of all the cold and snow in your blog!:) You might have developed multiple food allergies but I have become deathly allergic to all thing cold,wet and white. I'm sure that this life threatening condition started when as a very young nurse I worked at the hospital while living in Havre (butt puckering cold)Montana!!:)I think I'll keep my incredible corner of paradise, even when it's cold (49-78degrees)and foggy!!!! Although I have my years in Mont. to thank for learning to sew and knit. Self preservation when winters are 10 months long and there were only bars or churches for entertainment. I can see you also practice these arts, and I surely understand your prolific creative abilities!!!

    Take care come visit when ever you need a break from that "winter wonderland" you live in!! Please let me know when you make your next trip down. LW and I would love to share a cold drink with Mr.&Mrs. Claus!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.


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