Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And They Say Mexico Isn't Safe!

Two weeks ago, several people had their houses and cars broken into, including our son's car.  Then last night 75 homes were either robbed or the attempt was made.  I think ours was missed this time, but maybe we just haven't discovered what was missing yet.  Here is the article from our local news station.

It cracks me up, because people think we're crazy for going to Mexico, because "it's so dangerous!"  We live in a town of 1500 people and 75 houses were hit last night....  Not to mention the Highway Patrol officer who was gunned down just 10 miles from here about a month ago.  Now just where is the danger?

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  1. yes, safety is an illusion anywhere you are -- you have to be smart to be safe and even then there's no guarantee. Be careful to lock up your WIP's -- would be annoying to have those stolen, especially if you are close to the finish!


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