Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Bit of Fun Knitting

If you haven't read Jenn's account of her mother-in-law's house fire, I recommend it-a heart rending story.  Jenn had seen my post about all my sock knitting and asked if I would make her MIL's Yorkie a new sweater since his was lost in the fire.  Dog sweaters are something I haven't attempted because Westies are hot little dogs, even after a close haircut.  I looked up a pattern, made the extra small size and sent it off to her.  I didn't feel that it was small enough-so far Jenn hasn't complained-so I tried it again, with pink veriegated yarn and smaller needles.  My thought was to make the small size and give it to my oldest son for their Pug, Daisy.  I think it's still a bit on the big size so I tried it on my Westie, Chloe.  She likes wearing it, but boy she would get hot.  I tried it on Merlin but he got really wound up and I had a heck of a time getting his legs through those little leg holes!

She really thinks she's hot stuff!  Like I said, I'd let her keep it but I'm afraid she'd get too hot.  Merlin was pouting at this point but he got over it when I tried to put the sweater on him.  I think I'll still try it on Daisy, that poor thing shivers all the time.

BTW-right now it's 0 Fahrenheit, with blowing snow.  I think I want to wear Chloe's sweater.  My trip to Mazatlan can't come soon enough to suit me!

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  1. oh, those dog sweaters are ADORABLE --as are your doggies. How sweet of you to knit one up for a dog you haven't even met.
    We are heading to Ochos Rios this year and, like you, our departure can't come soon enough!


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