Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fibbing Contractors

Our house was built in 1981. Our builder assured us that we were getting only the best materials-the plywood was 5/8" and so was the sheetrock. Some of the sheetrock was, but not all, and when our roofers uncovered our roof yesterday they found 1/2" plywood instead of 5/8" They had to fix several water-damaged spots. The builder got early delivery on our windows and left them lay in the mud for two weeks in a rainy April. Nothing fits right, the patio door wouldn't slide, and the windows steam up between the thermal panes. And a month before the house was finished the builder went to New Mexico to help his brother build his house, leaving us with the company owner, who charged us about $5000 more that what the original guy had quoted. Just gotta love it when they do you over. Wish I could tell the world the name of the contractor to keep other people from being burned, but I have ethics even if he didn't.

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